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All artists are similar at the core. We are beautifully insane. With that being said, if we don’t make a conscious effort to smell the roses on a daily basis, we’ll become sick. Our mental health will start to deteriorate before our very own eyes. It is a must that we live our life in the present instead of the future. We must enjoy the journey of life as human beings, appreciative of the natural world.

Take it back to basics when we were little and explored what made us happiest in life. Take away the stress of wanting to make money through our creative attributes. Death to our ego and the vain and insecure need for the validation of others. It’s time to get spiritual, take trips, and spread our light and love to all those who cross our path. Giving is receiving, we were all born for a reason…to be an Artist of Morality!

Feb 28, 2018

Hey Tribe! On today’s episode of Artists of Morality, we discuss the importance of mental health awareness amongst the youth. Earlier this month I participated in North Beach Elementary’s annual Arts & Culture Day where I spoke with a group of 5th graders about the importance of valuing themselves. After processing what the kids had shared about their struggles with self-esteem and bullying, it was clear they needed more than just a one-time self-worth exercise. With the majority of entertainment promoting violence, depression, sex, materialism, and addiction, the well-being of this generation is at risk if their remains a lack of positive guidance and enrichment in the content they consume. With that being said, I am excited to announce that I’ve started a campaign to fund the production of a collaborative album and musical video series. To learn more about this project, please visit the GoFundMe link here: I would greatly appreciate any form of support such as a donation and/or sharing the campaign link amongst your friends and family. Thanks Tribe!

Enjoy and stay tuned every Wednesday for new episodes!

Until next time!

Peace, love, and light.

~ Jasmin Rhia


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