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Artists of Morality is a Production company led by Atlanta native Jasmin Rhia. We promote self-love using the power of music and storytelling. Our Podcast is centered around music, entrepreneurship, and mental health awareness. Currently we are working on the production of an album and online video series called “Know Your Worth”. From the content of our project people can gain self-worth and learn how to positively cope with the trials and tribulations they face. Visit our website to find out more and checkout our socials to stay in touch!

Jul 11, 2018

Hey Tribe what’s good? Monday’s #Unplug at the lake was lit! A big thank you goes out to @adtheartist and everyone who showed up with the vibes! If you haven’t already be sure to checkout his new self-produced album #IOUX. Motivational music at it’s finest! On today’s episode of AOM I’m reaching out to all my Women in Orlando. If you like working with kids and rockin’ out Girls Rock Camp is back! We have 5 more camper spots available and we are seeking 10-12 volunteers to help make this experience rockin!

Orlando Girls Rock Camp Dates: July 23rd - July 27th 8am-5pm in Apopka, FL. The Showcase will be on Saturday July 28th. Please DM me if you are interested in enrolling or donating your time. I’ll add you on Facebook and send you the invite with all the details. Yay to empowerment! Featured Music = Coco and Clair Clair.

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Also, I’m now offering professional virtual music lessons and studio time in Windermere. Learn how to play, produce, rap, DJ, and start a music career. Limited space available so email me today!

Enjoy and stay tuned every week for new episodes!

Until next time!

Peace, love, and light.


~ Jasmin Rhia



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Featured Music: Sims 2 ft. Coco & Clair Clair


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